Prayer of St. Fray Galvão


Novena with the pines

(Note: In the absence of the pills you can light the virtual candles on the Saint's site)


God of love, source of all lights, who showered your servant St. Fray Galvao with blessings, we adore and glorify you and we thank you for all the wonders you have done.

Lord, through your inspiration, Fray Galvao made these pills for us as a compassionate sign to the sick and as a sure sign of the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

Grant us by the intercession of your Holy Mother and of St. Fray Galvao that when we take these pills with faith and devotion, we receive the grace we are asking for now (ask grace...) and that we could learn more about the Gospel that Fray Galvao lived through his love for the Eucharistic life.

Dear St. Fray Galvao, pray for us together with the Virgin Mary that our Father in Heaven grants us a life full of love for the Holy Trinity.



Our Father... Hail Mary... Glory...



1- Rezar la oración arriba durante 9 días.

2- En el 1º día, tomar la 1ª Píldora.

3- En el 5º día, tomar la 2ª Píldora.

4- En el último día, tomar la 3ª Píldora.





La oración






Rua Tiradentes, 118 - centro

Guaratinguetá - São Paulo

Cep 12.502-190 - Brasil